Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cherries in booze

There's not much to report on the building front I'm afraid because we've had a lot of rain recently which has stopped play. BB's in the middle of building five timber-framed panels (to support the purlins and the ridge beam) which will go up in the next few days - depending on the weather - so I shall be able to post some pictures soon. The rain has also prevented me from working in the garden as much as I would like which means that the weeds will be taking over again. Last year someone actually stopped and asked if I was growing grass, the weeds were so bad! Nobody else seems to have this problem so I can only assume they cheat and use chemicals.

One of my favourite things I like to do with cherries is cherries in booze - cherries preserved in sweetened gnole (hooch). I get my gnole from Roquin who makes it by distilling the marc (dregs) of the grapes after he's made his wine. Traditionally, griottes (sour cherries) are used for this but sweet cherries work just as well I think (although they shouldn't be too ripe) and go down very well with guests. Just fill sterilized jars with cherries still on their stalks and cover with hooch (you can use brandy or alcohol for preserving fruit) and add some sugar. You can keep adding sugar over time until you get the preferred sweetness. I bring them out at the end of a meal after expressos and serve in the same cup with the coffee dregs.

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