Tuesday, July 28, 2009


"Oh what is this new devilry!" I cried this morning upon spying a large crate of plums on my doorstep. I just had the glut of everything in my own garden under control when a kindly neighbour dropped off the fruit - so it was back to the jam pan.

I've taken a confiture inventory of my larder and I now have:
  • plum 2009 x 10
  • cherry 2008 x 6
  • peach 2008 x 10
  • pink peach 2008 x 6
  • apple & brandy jelly 2007 x 5
  • fig 2007 x 1
  • strawberry 2007 x 4
  • framboise, bisous Mini-B x 1 - (raspberry, love Mini-B) date unspecified - a frothy pink confection with pond life skittering about on the surface, which belongs in a Petri dish, not my larder, but I love the scrawled label.
BB and I don't really "do" jam (we're toast and Marmite-ers or egg soldier-ers) but his parents are coming to stay in three weeks' time and they'll be eating a lot of jam sandwiches (with the crusts cut off of course) and Victoria sponge cake with their cups of tea!

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Neil King and Carol Duncan said...

Nothing to cook along to for this? What about Eton Rifles by the ...