Saturday, July 24, 2010

curry magic


From sublime Joël Robuchon recipes to the ridiculous: curry that looks like fish food in a poly bag.

But I have to share this with you because it's the best curry, outside India, that I've ever tasted - and I'm a bit of a curry aficionado. I would estimate that 80% of non home-cooked meals (restaurants and take-aways) I had when I lived in Scotland were curries. An ex-boyfriend (and fellow aficionado) and I would scour Edinburgh for the wettest curry - because a curry has to be wet, you see.

Sadly, every curry I've had since I've been in France (including Paris, disappointingly) has been revolting: dry cloying sauces tasting predominantly of curry paste from a jar, kicking to death any other flavour threatening to make itself known. There's been nothing fresh or fragrant about any of them. The worst was in Méribel, where the chicken pieces had been coated in a torrid desiccated paste then heated in the oven. 

So imagine my joy when this little bag arrived (from my Aunt Hils) and it turned out to be so good.

At first glance the contents look like wood shavings and bark and other detritus swept up off the forest floor, but when you add water and cook for five minutes, some strange kind of alchemy takes place and you're left with the most amazing wet curry sauce, to which you simply add your meat/fish of choice. It's made by a company called Curry Magic - and they deliver to France.

I'm going to decorate the kitchen with flock wallpaper and pictures of the Taj Mahal that light up and play sitar music - so it will just be like sitting in my favourite Indian restaurant in Scotland.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, what are you doing? Cooking out of a plastic bag ? That's not proper cooking my dear.
Mr.CurryMagic is one of those fast food companies, that send you some (expensive) dried powder or 'vegetables' in a plastic bag - just add water et voila ! non, non, non.

Please continue the proper cooking and return with one of your great recipes.

Dirndle said...

Nevertheless Anon! This is the best curry I have ever eaten in England!!!

Janet said...

Curry is one of those flavours that becomes addictive. I have (no need) to have my curry "fix" at least once a month. Luckily, I have a proper curry place nearby. I have also started trying my hand at preparing my own curry. Still working on that. I've tried other pre-packaged curry mixes, but I don't think we can get Curry Magic in Canada.

Tamara Nicole said...

Mmmmm I love me some curry! :-) We make our own curry chicken dish from time to time and it's delish!

Anonymous said...

I still miss the pig`s head!

Couture Carrie said...

Yummy post!


Hils said...

Where has Miss Piggy gone? Much more interesting than a plate of curry powder!
All of your bloggers want the pig back! Well..... some I suppose!
Haway man!
Better still! A new blog!!!

Hils said...

Hello Mrs No Blog! we miss you!

Anonymous said...

sorry to ask, but what happened to the regular blogging..... ?

Anonymous said...

Sarah, i think it's about time for a new recipe. We're missing your blog posts! Maybe some kind of 'Mr.Pig' menu/recipe ? With photographs please.

Dirndle said...

I ordered a few of those!