Sunday, October 31, 2010

wild mushroom, hazelnut and parmesan tarts

I'm having a freezer clear-out at the moment and what do you imagine I should find in the bottom drawer? Yep - those PC dinners I made for BB before I left for Paris. One even has a note on it saying: I bet this is still here when I get back - next to the one that says: Don't forget to feed Flippo.

They all happen to be fish pie, so I'm not sure whether it was due to BB's aversion to bending down or the fact that he'd gone off fish pie for some reason. Guilty associations with Flippo (deceased), perhaps!

I thought it best not to ask.

Anyway - the day before yesterday I took out a piece of venison (shot by Roquin last month) and a bag of chanterelles (picked by me in July) and left the meat to marinade overnight in a little white wine with some chopped carrot, onion and a couple of bay leaves. Normally at this point I would reach for Anthony Bourdain or Elizabeth David for ideas on what to do next - which would invariably involve straining and browning and caramelizing - but this time I simply heated the whole lot up on the stove, added a little of my precious veal stock, a heaped tsp of tomato paste, some seasoning and placed in the oven on a very low heat for 3 hours.

Meanwhile, I made the pastry for the wild mushroom tarts and sautéed the chanterelles in butter, before adding some chopped hazelnuts and a generous handful of grated parmesan. Then baked in the oven for 15 minutes - voilà.

Well, at lunch yesterday, we ate in a pocket of silence, save for the odd small animal noise of contentment. It was the best meal I've cooked this year - and the most simple.

And now I'm having to justify three side-cars' worth of cookery lessons!

♫ Cook along to: Brian Wilson Heroes And Villains


Anonymous said...

Mmm! I am drooling! Sounds fantastic!
Pease pudding sandwich for my tea tonight!
I do love Pease Pudding!
Would Foodista be interested in my recipe?

Hermetic said...

are parmesan tarts anything like viennese strumpets or trollopes a la grecque?

Anonymous said...

The Foodista cookbook is good!
I love it!

Chele said...

Wow - those photos are amazing. I am envious of your French kitchen!

Sarah said...

Chele - Thanks!

Alina said...

Mmmm :) I can imagine the flavour of your wild mushroom tarts! I love chanterelles (they're one of my Top5 ingredients). It was a splendid idea to combine them with hazelnuts! I should try this too!

Sarah said...

Alina - Yes, the hazelnuts went brilliantly with the wild mushrooms. Very simple to make too.

Anonymous said...

These sound so simple and yet so delicious! What sort of tin did you use to get the cute little cup shape of your mini tarts?