Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ann Widdecombe and Anton Chou-Rave Gratin

Is it a vegetable - or Ann Widdecombe doing the paso doble? That's what I wondered when I saw this:


Funny looking thing, isn't it?

For those of you not in the know, Ann Widdecombe is a former British cabinet minister (shadow home secretary) who's currently appearing on Strictly Come Dancing - the UK version of Dancing with the Stars. And what a star she is!

I'm sure it's Ann in that photo. The fabulous fiery silk confection she wore may have been toned down using Photoshop, but there's no mistaking that thin desperate arm (on the right) hanging on to Anton Du Beke as he drags her round the dance floor like the Statue of Liberty.

It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen on telly.

To be continued ...


Neil King & Carol Duncan said...

As Charlie Brooker put it in the Guardian "Ann Widdecombe has a face like a haunted cave in Poland"

holly x said...

Hilarious video! i love SCD! how do you get it over there in france though?
And I'm not quite sure what you've gratin'd, (turnip?!) but whatever it is it looks scrummy!

Sarah said...

Holly, I watch it on You Tube. The vegetable is a chou-rave. I'm going to follow up with the recipe and a description of it.

Kathie said...

Believe it or not, we're getting a bit of coverage of Widdecombe even here in the colonies! Why, just yesterday this report aired on National Public Radio:


Accompanying video clips:

Of course, here we're being treated(?) to the spectacle of idiot Sarah Palin's unwed teenaged daughter -- who's a professional spokesgirl for, so help me, "abstinence" (and I don't mean from alcohol), after having gotten pregnant at 17 and having a baby out of wedlock -- galoomphing across the floor on "Dancing With The Stars" this fall. I feel so sorry for Bristol's sweet partner, Mark Ballas, who deserves better.

Janet said...

Great Video. I'm surprised, Len and Bruno are on the judges panel in the US too. Nice work.
Ann really can't dance, but she's such a good sport.

Sarah said...

Janet - I agree. Good on her!

Big Bottom said...

I love the picture of your shiny copper pans! Do they belong to you or Cordon Bleu?

Sarah said...

Big Bottom - Thanks. The pans are mine.