Saturday, September 6, 2008


BB was helping Nainbo fix his chainsaw this morning and when he came back at lunch-time he reported that Mini-B had just been on a helicopter ride over the village. "I'd love to do that", I said, until it dawned on me that Mini-B has neither the money nor the inclination to go on a commercial helicopter jolly. Then he explained that Mini-B had been high up in the mountains where he keeps some cattle during the summer, when he'd passed out cold and had had to be air-lifted to hospital! Something to do with his blood pressure, which is too high then too low!? Anyway - he's fine now.

It's the highlight of our social calendar tomorrow - the annual village fête and boules competition. We've been practising with some ancient wooden boules which were here when we moved in (along with another ten tonnes of merde!). There's always some idiot making a fool of themselves at these things - so there should be plenty to write about on Monday.

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