Wednesday, September 9, 2009

kite flying

BB's having a hard time of it at the moment: he's having to put the remaining insulation panels and roofing felt on by himself because there's nobody around to help during the day. The polyurethane panels (measuring 9 feet by 4 feet) are stacked on palettes and lifted up to the roof on the crane fork but they tend to stick together. With two people, one either end, it's easy to jiggle them apart before flipping them into position but on your own with just one end to hold, it's a bit of a performance - especially when standing on wet slippery wood. And unrolling and attaching the roofing felt single-handedly is a bit like trying to fly a kite from up a tree in strong winds.

The remote for the crane broke (again) and he had to drive all the way to Lyon on Monday (2 hours away) to pick up a spare, which, when he got it back, didn't work either. So yesterday was spent waiting around all day for a phone call from the remote guy with instructions on how to fix it.

After lunch today I went out to do some things in the garden and when I passed the window five minutes later, BB was still sitting at the kitchen table gazing at his navel. The second time I passed, he was tidying out his tool belt; the third, brushing cobwebs off the ceiling; and the fourth, loading the dishwasher (for the first time ever) - anything to put off going back up on the roof!

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