Wednesday, March 10, 2010

country life

BB borrowed a scary bit of kit from Poire last week called a Spit Pulsa (a cordless nail gun that allows you to fix directly into concrete and steel without the need to drill, plug and screw), to nail plasterboard rails to the concrete floor in the new house. I won't bore you with the finer details of its workings except to say that it involves a gas cartridge, a combustion chamber, sparks and explosions - oh, and nails, obviously. Just reading all those words in the same sentence makes me want to call an ambulance.

BB is using the 'shotgun' version which takes ¾ inch nails, but the other week, a roofer we know was using the 'bazooka' version (for 6 inch nails) and when he tried to nail a rafter to a purlin (a piece of wood to another piece of wood basically) the nail hit something hard, deflected and went right through his knee, impaling him to the roof!

I've mentioned this before, about the dangers of living in the country, about the accidents with circular saws and axes and forestry equipment - and then just this week, three houses in our village burned down after a chimney caught fire. Thankfully, no-one was injured, but what a horrendous thing to happen!

Life in the country - in our country village anyway - isn't quite the tranquil pastoral image exuding from the glossy pages of Country Living magazine. Paris will seem like a trip to Disneyland in comparison.


Pierce said...

OH. MY. God!! Be careful!

Anonymous said...

A very funny blog Sarah and a beautiful photograph!

Janet said...

Chimney fires are nasty. I have a friend that happened to a couple years ago. Like those people, no one was hurt, but was a mess for my friend. Took him over a year to rebuild the part of the house that was damaged.
I hope BB is extra careful with the new tool and I hope the roofer will be okay and no permanent damage was done.
On another note, are you getting anxious/excited about your up coming course?

Jen S. said...

Dear God! Bazooka? Nails? I find simple nail guns terrifying, but something even bigger? Who found the poor man ... ohhhh, I think I am going to dream about this tonight. I am far too visual and your descriptions are far too good.

Will you be trekking to your village on the weekends once classes start?

claudia bravo / design said...

loving my new blog discovery! all these images of food are making me hungry! xo claudia

Sarah said...

Janet - BB is being super careful with the new tool, believe me. He's actually very safety conscious. And we are told that the roofer will fully recover.

It's funny but I'm not in the least bit anxious about starting my new course. To be going to the best cookery school in the world when I love cooking so much is very very exciting!

Jen S - I know - it's not a nice image! and I don't think you will want to know any further details! Suffice to say he is ok and will fully recover.

Re weekend treks home: more than half my weekends are already booked up with friends/family coming to visit me in Paris so I don't think I will manage it. Anyway, there are too many museums and art galleries and restaurants and food markets to visit! BB can come and visit me.

Beatnheart said...

YOU are a very talented writer..Love your wit and turn of phrase..And your honesty about life in a quaint village..Many people talk about it like its Mary Poppins good to see some one share real life..

Sarah said...

Beatnheart - thanks very much.