Monday, May 12, 2008

brace brace

We went to the Sunday Club yesterday (a few of us go round to Nainbo's on a Sunday morning before lunch for a coup de blanc) and it seems I have purchased one and a half donkeys. When Nainbo said he was buying one, I offered to pay for the price and upkeep of a second, since I'd read that you shouldn't keep one donkey on its own. They become lonely and start calling out for a friend (and end up annoying the neighbours). So Nainbo has bought two jennies - and it turns out one is pregnant! They arrive tomorrow and I can't wait to see them.

I've been on the Donkey Breed Society website which says that "shelter is vital at all times" and invites me to "view examples of well made shelters and enclosures", non of which resemble Nainbo's. BB was called upon (in his capacity as a structural engineer) to give his professional opinion and all he could say was "with that level of craftsmanship I wouldn't let him cut my finger nails."

The front stanchions (legs) rest in two five-litre plastic mayonnaise buckets filled with concrete and as we stood next to it in a gentle breeze the roof swung round and hit BB in the head, prompting him to suggest "a bit of torsional rigidity" (a "brace" to you and I). Hay ho (or, hee haw), at least they'll have some shelter from rain, wind and flies - which is more than a lot of the poor beasts have round here.

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