Thursday, May 1, 2008

car wash

The plan to plant my potatoes today went out the window at the car wash this morning when Nainbo, who lives opposite the salle des fêtes, turned up and invited us to eat chez lui. After a long boozy lunch of artichoke (with a lovely vinaigrette made with chopped boiled egg and chives) followed by roast duck and cauliflower gratin, I got ready to leave saying I had housework to do - the reasoning being that if I couldn't hoover in a straight line no-one would notice, whereas if I planted my potatoes crookedly I'd be the talk of the steamie for the rest of the summer. (BB's parting words were: "Why are you bothering with housework? My parents arrive in six weeks and you'll just have to do it all again then"!!)

Nainbo's just finished building a shelter for the donkey he's about to buy and asked me to go on the internet to try and find him one "avec une belle tête et deux cils".

Me: What? A donkey with a nice head and two eyelashes?

Nainbo: Non - docile!

Ah - the faux pas with the language. The most embarrassing one was when I went to buy some stamps at the post office in town but there was a huge queue so I went next door to the librairie (where they sell cards and newspapers etc) thinking that they might sell them there. The shop assistant looked at me like I was a stupid tourist and nodded his head in the direction of the post office, so I explained "il y a une grande couille dans la poste", to much tittering from everyone in the shop. It was only later when I told BB about the incident that I realised that what I'd said was "there's a large set of testicles in the post office"!

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