Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the wall

I finally got my tatties planted at the weekend, but only after being led astray for a second time. I started digging on Saturday morning but then our friend and ex-neighbour M. Souffleur De Verre arrived just after lunch with a bottle of wine, so work halted. I managed to get them all in on Sunday but I think I've planted too many. There will be enough to keep us going for about two years. Good job I like potatoes. Some of my favourite dishes from this region include potatoes, one being tartiflette which is made by frying onions and bacon then adding pre-cooked potatoes and some white wine and cooking it all in the oven topped with Reblochon cheese.Yummy! And excellent winter food after you've been out skiing.

BB has started removing the old tin from the roof of the mill and my big project now is to landscape the garden behind the house. I'm building a six metre-long stone wall to create a flower bed to hide the grease trap and this afternoon I dug out the foundations. I'm completely exhausted so after my veggie curry (no potatoes!) I'm off to bed.

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