Friday, March 13, 2009

barrière de dégel

After the faux pas with the millstone you'd have expected the builders to be on top of their game, but yesterday they put the void for the internal staircase in the wrong place. Why do we bother giving them plans?

The beam and block work for the first floor slab is in and ready to be filled with concrete. Because it's such a large area and has to be done quickly we need to get two cement lorries in, but last week a "barrière de dégel 12 tonne" sign went up on our road - for the first time ever. This is a weight restriction they put on some of the smaller tracks at the end of winter when the ground starts to thaw to prevent excessive damage to the roads.

So, we can't get the cement lorries in and will have to wait until the restriction is lifted - which could be weeks. In the meantime the builders will disappear again and nothing can advance.

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