Wednesday, March 11, 2009

shoot the builders

We were awoken at 7.20 a.m. yesterday by the builders with their new petrol-driven cement mixer which sounds like a combine harvester cutting a field of metal straw. They are now putting in the concrete floors in the cellars.

The large millstone in the basement (weighing three tonnes and measuring over six and a half feet in diameter) was too heavy to lift out so we decided to make a feature of it by embedding it in the floor of the wine cellar - a place which will be visited not infrequently - where it could be admired. Apart from the back stone wall, the millstone is the only other original remaining feature of the mill and we were keen to incorporate it into the design of the new house somewhere. Monsieur Chatting And Having A Laugh and BB spent hours a few weeks ago moving the stone into position and getting it level in readiness for pouring the concrete around it. There is also a diagram of the stone in the cellar floor on the builders' plans so it was pretty obvious what it was to be used for.

So imagine our dismay yesterday evening when we went to inspect the work after the builders had left to discover that they'd concreted right over the top of it! It just leaves me speechless.

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