Thursday, March 5, 2009

Belle et Sébastien

The builders made a guest appearance last week after their extended Christmas break in Acapulco - brief but long enough to break the remote for the crane (which they didn't fess up to and which BB only discovered when he went to use the crane today) and litter the place with empty cigarette packets. They have still to put in the main concrete slab but we've heard they're now on another job so who knows when they'll be back.

After years of searching I have finally got my hands on the DVD of Belle et Sébastien, the original TV series about a young boy and his dog set in the French Alps which was first shown on BBC in 1967. It was my favourite programme when I was a kid and it's like watching a documentary about life in our village - so little has changed.

Just as the last of the snow was beginning to melt, it snowed again today - which is good because we are going to Méribel tomorrow to stay with Miss Fit.

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