Saturday, August 8, 2009

char-grilled peppers

On the rare occasion that I run out of garlic, it's on a par with running out of moisturiser or toothpaste or losing my internet connection - I feel a bit lost without it. I use garlic generously, especially the sweet white summer garlic which is perfect for rubbing on toast to make bruschetta, or for slicing thinly and tucking between velvety char-grilled peppers or adding to steamed green beans. After the summer season the bulbs start to lose their sweetness, the flesh darkens and their bitter taste makes it impossible to use raw.

Nainbo gave me some garlic from his garden today and I made char-grilled peppers with anchovies and capers. This is based on a River Café Cook Book recipe.

Serves 4
3 red and 3 yellow peppers
large handful of capers
a few anchovies
2 garlic cloves thinly sliced
handful of fresh basil leaves
freshly ground black pepper
extra virgin olive oil

1. Grill the whole peppers until the skins are black then place in a plastic bag. When cool, remove the skin, de-seed and cut into strips.

2. Put the peppers in a shallow dish with the garlic, anchovies, capers, basil and black pepper and cover with a generous amount of olive oil. Serve with bruschetta.

♫ Cook along to:
Brooklyn Funk Essential Big Apple Boogaloo


Neil King and Carol Duncan said...

... or running out of wine

cj said...

This is just like Delia Smith's recipe for Provencal Peppers. However, her recipe requires even less effort, yet the taste is incredible. Sometimes poor Delia gets a lot of teasing; she's not considered to be as cool as some contempary chefs, but in fairness, she introduced a lot of "new" ingredients to home cooks. I have been rereading her "Summer Collection" and it is so good, yet so simple.

le moulin said...

cj - I agree. Delia gets a lot of stick - leave the girl alone I say. Her recipes are great.