Saturday, August 29, 2009

green fingers

I'm way behind with my posts on what's been happening in the garden so above is just a sneeky peek of what's to come. My fingers are green and scented from picking armfuls of basil and green tomatoes from branches broken in the storm the other night.

The far side of the roof is now waterproof and Top Modèl and M. Boule De Billard started on the near side today. Progress is much slower now that Top Modèl has returned to work and Mr Katie Bear to England. Top Modèl has a day off on Monday and has offered to come and help again. He's an apprentice roofer and when he was here with his friend Nico, a qualified roofer, a couple of weeks ago it was amazing how speedily they moved around the roof and got things done. If only we had them both for a week - the roof would be finished in a jiffy.

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Di Overton said...

It all sounds very idyllic to me.