Friday, August 21, 2009

operation clean-up

BB's parents and Aunt arrive today so I've spent this week getting the house 'mother-in-law fit' - washing windows and curtains and cleaning out kitchen cupboards (remember when I drove all the way to Moutiers to buy an electric whisk and had that embarrassing encounter in Bos Equipement Hôtelier? Well guess what I found at the back of a cupboard? Yup - one of those). I'm not the best housekeeper - the sheets are always clean and the bathrooms spotless and I'm a bit of a compulsive wiper of kitchen surfaces - but in winter you're likely to trip over ski boots and other assorted ski paraphernalia and piles of books lying around all over the place and in summer, crates of fruit and veg (no time to read in summer what with all the pickling and bottling), and there's quite often tumbleweed blowing through the house, but one can't have one's mother-in-law thinking her son is married to a slut - so the house is as bright and clean as a shiny whistling pin (or whatever the simile is).

If I'm not back in a couple of days it's because I'm busy cutting the crusts off jam sandwiches.


Kathie said...

Isn't it amazing how much even a well-brushed short-haired cat can shed? Those big ol' dust-bunnies go into the compost right along with human combings and produce residue.

153hamish said...

Trying again to get a comment made. Am I a luddite or what?

What about cooking to the song, and not relating the song to the cooking.

Try Smokey Robinson, "Quiet Storm". My fave toon at the moment!

Mish xxx

le moulin said...

Mish, The comments have to be moderated by me first so you won't see yours immediately on the blog.

Don't know what I would cook along to Smokey - but it doesn't lend itself to anything involving vigorous whisking or kneading. Suitable for early morning dreamy cooking perhaps - like a soft-boiled egg - which would give you time to stare out the window at nothing in particular and sway along to the music.