Wednesday, April 30, 2008

fête du muguet

Tomorrow is a jour férié (public holiday) and it's traditionally when folk round here plant their potatoes. Any time before the 1st of May is risky because there's a likelihood of frost - although we've had snow in May in the village every year since we arrived and there's fresh snow on the mountains today down to 1400 metres (and settling in Méribel chez Miss Fit, I've just been informed).

It is also la fête du muguet, when lily of the valley is sold in the streets all over France, the tradition being to give the ones you love a little bouquet for good luck and to celebrate the arrival of spring.

I bought my seed potatoes today ready for planting tomorrow and this year I've gone for four different varieties: Rosabelle, BF 15, Mona Lisa and Bernadette. Last year I only planted a few rows of Rosabelle and because of blight and the wet weather I didn't get a very good crop, but cutting the foliage right down at least resulted in a couple of sacks that lasted until the new year.

There's a matinée lavage voiture (car wash morning) tomorrow being run by the youth committee at the salle des fêtes so I will get my car cleaned at last. I've been meaning to do it myself ever since I bought it - two years ago!

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