Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Our neighbour, M. Toupie, came round late last night to tell us that Mme. De Ville and the other un-elected member of the first liste are standing in the second round and that Mme. De Ville is still the mayoral candidate. M. Toupie (one of the nine elected on Sunday) had just been to a meeting to decide this, so was able to give us this information hot off the press.

M. Boule De Billard and M. Chèvre are standing again, as are two of the original candidates on the second liste, so BB is also going to stand. If only two people had been standing in opposition to the first liste it would have been two against two and BB would have withdrawn to give the opposition a chance. As there are more than two, he may as well stand.

His campaign suffered a set-back this morning when I resigned as manager. He has a very irritating habit of lying awake in bed in the mornings gulping air and scratching himself like a baboon so that I can't get back to sleep. He'll take a deep breath, hold it in for about 10 seconds and then exhale loudly. I find myself counting down to the next exhalation until I'm wide awake and have to get up. I got so annoyed that I told him he could run his own flipping campaign!

Later, he left the house to deliver his new voting leaflets to the masses and returned at lunch-time with the news that M. Chèvre has now withdrawn. He doesn't see any point if it's five against two. Tant mieux! BB may now be in with a chance.

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