Sunday, March 16, 2008

it’s all over

We've been away visiting friends in Switzerland for the past couple of days, so imagine my surprise when we went to the mairie to vote today to see that M. Chèvre was standing again. I thought that was a bit sneaky (although that wasn't how we phrased it when we saw his listes on the table!).

Half the village turned out again to hear the results at 6.00 pm and because we only had two votes this week and seven candidates, it was all over in about 40 minutes. Result: Mme. De Ville and the other first lister received the most votes and were therefore elected. M. Chèvre was third and BB was fifth (only seven votes behind 4th place). So Mme. De Ville is now mayor (although only 40% of the village voted for her).

I'm slightly disappointed that BB didn't get in, but judging by the number of people who voted for him, we have been accepted into this small community where, if you were born two miles away, you're regarded as a foreigner.

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