Friday, March 21, 2008

loadsa snow

There's nearly a foot of snow outside - one of the biggest dumps I've seen since we came here. On election day in March 1971 there was more than three feet and that was the norm in winter here before then. It should be fantastic skiing tomorrow.

It was indirectly through skiing that BB and I met. He was on a skiing holiday in Courchevel where I was working as an assistant chef in a chalet (previous experience cooking for large numbers grossly exaggerated on my application form which in reality amounted to cooking a sausage sizzle for a halloween party, described by one guest as "like eating used surgical swabs").

He was sitting at the bar in my local one night when I arrived with my chalet guests. I ordered a round from the French barman, who came back with only half the drinks. BB turned to me, all smarmy, and said, "I'll sort it out" and I waited to be impressed by his fluent French. Instead, he said, in English, "Oi mate! Another six pints over 'ere seel voo play." Classy!

We've had a power cut for over an hour now (a frequent occurrence here), so unable to amuse himself with his computer or his power tools, BB decided to go out but couldn't get the car up the road due to the snow. We're stuck here until the commune worker arrives with the snowplough.


USMC Sis said...

The power cuts out there, regularly? Why? That would get annoying. Especially if I was doing something important on the computer that I needed for work or school (which I'm not currently attending, but maybe in the future) and the computer just shut off in the middle of it. Grr!

Sarah said...

USMC Sis - yes it is very annoying. I don't know why it happens with such regularity here - but one needs a good battery for the PC!