Tuesday, March 11, 2008


M. Chèvre came round last night, ostensibly to discuss the results of the election, but it soon became apparent that the real purpose of his visit was to persuade BB to withdraw from the second round.

His objective now is to stop the head of the first liste , Mme. De Ville, from getting in and becoming mayor. She was the deputy in the last administration and is unpopular with a lot of people because she doesn’t live here (she has a maison secondaire and is therefore entitled to vote and stand in the local elections).

M. Chèvre was 12th on Sunday (after the 11 candidates on the first liste) with 80 votes (Mme. De Ville received 102), so his theory is that the fewer people who stand in opposition to Mme. De Ville, the greater chance there is of him and not her being elected. BB now has to decide if he will stand again or not. It will depend on whether Mme. De Ville is still the mayoral candidate or not and how many are standing against her.

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