Sunday, April 27, 2008

excuses, excuses, excuses

I've heard some excuses from BB for not getting on with something or another in my time (in winter "it's too cold"; in summer "it's too hot"; after 10.30 am "it's nearly lunch-time so there's no point";) but I heard it all this morning when I asked him to move a very heavy box out of the house and he said he couldn't "because the sun was shining". Eh?

We went to a marche artisanal et vide grenier (crafts market and car boot sale) down at the lake in the afternoon and joined some friends for a drink after having a browse. As we stood at the outside bar watching a sheep dog rounding up some sheep, a guy came in carrying a box full of plastic plant pots and wearing an Edinburgh University scarf - my alma mater - which I thought was a bit of a coincidence - until I realised that Mini-B had been selling all our junk at the car boot sale. I was just waiting for someone to come in carrying the kitchen sink.

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