Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Mini-B's écurie cat has just had a little ginger tom and I’m trying to persuade BB that we should take it. We already have three - but in my opinion, you can never be too rich or too thin or have too many cats.

We got our three from Lulu, the owner of a restaurant in the next village, not long after we arrived here and were struggling to get to grips with the lingo. One evening we went to Lulu's for a drink and when we went to settle the bill at the end of the night, he asked us if we wanted a chaton. Thinking this was a local digestive, we accepted another drink and then left.

The following morning Lulu arrived on his moped in his chef's whites, balancing a cardboard box on his lap which he handed to me. Inside was a tiny white and grey kitten - a chaton! Before I could explain that there had been a misunderstanding, he was off on his moped again, checked trousers flapping in the breeze.

That's how we ended up with Loti.

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