Sunday, April 27, 2008

hell's teeth

Boxes of stuff that didn't go in the van during our spring clean the other day have been sitting in the kitchen so I decided to go through it all this afternoon to decide what was worth keeping. I came across my 1999 diary (when I was working as a solicitor) and was surprised to see so many dentist and hairdresser appointments. I can't remember the last time I went to either, but I do take care of my teeth. After the missing digits, the other thing you notice here is how bad everyone's teeth are. I don't think anyone goes to the dentist. I'm not surprised though, because BB went to the local dentist a while ago for a clean and polish and after 20 minutes she downed tools and said his allotted time was up. He left with only his top teeth polished and it took a further two sessions to complete the treatment. It's a good job he wasn't in for root canal work!

Later, Mini-B came round with a dozen fresh eggs from his hens and some wild mushrooms he'd collected so I made a mushroom omelette. Just as we sat down to eat, the mayor rang up looking for Mini-B to tell him that his cows were all over the road. This happens all the time but the new mayor is clamping down and has sent him a warning letter threatening court action unless he gets his electric fences in order. (The last mayor wasn't bothered - but he's related to Mini-B!) At the moment his fields are fenced in with thin pieces of wire that look like something his granny knitted. I've seen stronger spiders' webs and they probably carry more current.

At least if he goes to court he'll be well dressed.

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